Antique Bronze Allegorical Statue sign. Émile-Louis Picault “PRO INCENIO “

Ex Tax: $3,950.00
work of famouse French sculptor Emile Louis picault ( Paris 1833-1915) very Elegant bronze statue...

Antique Bronze Statue of LION by Paul Édouard Delabrierre (1829 - 1912)

Ex Tax: $2,000.00
"Lion" Bronze with green patina. Work of French sculptor Paul Édouard Delabrierre. Born in Paris. ...

Antique white Marble sculpture bust of young LADY by JEF LAMBEAUX (1852-1908)

Ex Tax: $3,600.00
Antique white MARBLE bust of young beautiful lady. stature is signed: Jef Lambeaux Jef Lambeau...

Bronze Statue ‘Un Volontaire de 1792’ by PAUL FRANCOIS CHOPPIN (1856 - 1937)

Ex Tax: $2,400.00
Paul Francois Choppin was a talented student of Jouffroy and Falguiere. He has exhibited at the Salo...